Dec 31, 2011

Bring on 2012!!!!

Well as we start the supposed last year the Miyans, decided to make a calendar so now the world is going to end....right...anyway.

There are a lot of fun events happening though.
1. I was one of the winners in the
Prize was a MG of my choice: I went with the MG Full Armor Unicorn Ver. Ka an obvious choice I know.

Now the 2 main events of the year for the MAC Forums!!!!!!!!!

The Zaku Group Build hosted by MAC, organized by Aulon, and the biggest Mech building competition of the year (Gundam Guys G-shot entry deadline was today) the 2012 MECHA Contest!!!!

For details:

Myself like most have waited to start the majority of our Zaku build (started in Dec) So we could enter this competition as well. So if you build mechs of any kind, or wanted to start here is an amazing excuse. Oh did I mention there are 50 different prizes to be won!?! Including 2 I have donated.

As for builds, I am working on my first ever Resin kit the ELS Qan[T]:

A fun kit and a totally new build experience for me. I am enjoying the resin kit style and look forward to building more. But for now I will work on this one and bring in the new year. I owe some pictures for sure. Sorry :)

Until next year my friends and fellow builders of Gunpla! Happy New Year! May it bring you more joy than any of your past years, and less sorrow as well! T

Thank you for stopping by.

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