Jan 1, 2012

Resin ELS QAN[T]

New Year is here, and so I start with the initial update to a project I have been working on for a few days now. Sorry for the lack of actual WIP pictures, but this being my first ever resin kit I have been focusing on not screwing it up. I really don't know how I would fix a major mistake so I can't afford to make one.

Any way this kit has been a lot of fun to build 100% different from building a plastic kit. I have all the pinning, putty, and sanding done now. I degreased all the pieces after I took these photos. Now I am preparing for some priming before paint.

I ordered paints, have yet to hear anything back about my order so there goes that. Needless to say I will not be ordering anything from this company again.

The back pack on this guy is awesome, the details are really well done, the little nubs are connection points for the clear pieces. I pinned 90% of all the pieces to ensure a strong connection, but the clear pieces are too thin to pin, so I will be using gel super glue for them.

That's were I am at. This kit is a non-scale kit but looks really close to a 1/144 if you ask me. The initial clean up was really easy honestly very little putty work was needed to remove any blemishes. I will update again soon.

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  1. Of course all is primed, now I just have to wait for the paint I ordered. Oh well onto the Zaku!