Jan 4, 2012

RG RX-78 ready for paint.

A fast update to the progress of 1 of my 3 entries into the 2012 Mecha contest. The RX-78 is ready for primer then color! I had previously snap fitted this one, so all I had to do was some break down of some seriously tiny pieces. Then separate them into bins and chose the 10 colors for a freaking 1/144 scale gundam. This thing doesn't even sit more than 8-10 inches high!
Here I am separating the pieces into their little sections of my plastic containers.
All done, and the colors are set also.
As you can see its not a drastic color scheme, but its a huge change from the stock colors and a lot of little colors to be done. So many color changes and tiny pieces always make these real grades a pain to do. Oh well its worth it.
As always thank you for looking and if you feel up to it come Join us at MAC and bring you Gunpla abilities with you! The link is on the right side of my blog.

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