Jan 15, 2012

Zaku WIP 3...A leggy update!

Well this will be my first official use of a computer this weekend. Its nice to take a break from them for a few days.

I did manage to get some hours in working on my Zaku though. I decided with helpful insight from my wife that this Zaku being a sniper type would not be loaded down with a lot of extra weight and armor. That being said the Johnny Ridden custom I am using as a base is a very well armored version. After a little bit (a lot actually) of cutting I have completed the leg, most of the waist and chest. I am only cutting large sections out where I can expose cool under armor details that I will make the most of by adding a lot of color when I paint the frame. Instead of doing a 1 color frame like I do on a lot of my other Gundam. I always appreciate the people that paint every detail under the frame, but once all the armor covers it up what was the point of all that work? In this case I will be able to see it, and since it is for a competition I want to go that extra mile.

Enough typing... you are here for Gundam! I will let the pictures talk through side by side photos.

Only thing of note on the above photo. I will be adding a small piece that will cover the hole I cut out...a bunch of work just to glue something over it...oh well.

I completely removed the lower chest armor, and in case you are wondering why all the holes...lowers the weight of course :)...I cut away most of the lower sections of waist armor also.

I haven't made a final decision on the middle section of the chest yet. There is no way to cut away anything with out exposing the cock pit, don't want that so I have to figure that one out a little more. I am at the point where I need to work on the decals of the RG RX-78, and have barely started on my Resin Booster Kit. A lot of kits in a small time I know but a 6 month deadline is what it is and 3 kits with a ton of customization doesn't leave a lot of time to mess around.

As always thank you for looking!!!


  1. Looks very cool.... Could you honeycomb the armor for lightness?

  2. Or another idea would be to create pins holes to lighten the armor and create attachment points for camo...

  3. @Kahuna55, I could honey comb it, but the hours that would take....and all the structural pieces to cut around would be a daunting task to say the least. As for pins, the color intentions for this guy will be a fall camp scheme. So no need to put the pins in if I am understanding you. I do appreciate the suggestions though. Honey Combing might be something to do to a PG though. Great ideas.