Jan 8, 2012

RG RX-78 Painted, decal time.

I took full advantage of the one sunny day this weekend, and painted my butt off! I even managed to reassemble, and future the entire thing. I swear, these RG's have as many pieces if not more than most MG's! I actually had to use the instructions to put him all back together. Almost sounds like a Humpty Dumpty thing. LOL....Below you can see my super luxurious paint station.
And here you can see what a 10 color, 1/144 RG Gundam looks like. Some of the parts are so very tiny, its a pain to take apart and scary because the last thing I want to do is lose a piece.
I really like how the colors came out. I was worried that this would not come together well, but in the end it really did.

Still need to get some panel lining done, and a million decals, but that's a few days worth of work to get done, and I will take my time. This is after all for a competition. And I like to win things!

As always thank you for looking.

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