Jun 2, 2011

MG Rick Dom WIP 1

Well after 2 builds for others I decided I needed a build for me. The Rick Dom called to me and said something along the lines of The O. Modify me! So I am taking my own challenge. After a lot of searching and shopping, I have located almost all the aftermarket pieces I want, I will have to make the rest. I don't currently have any MG kits to bash, oh well. Took some pics of the steps I have taken to clear out sections of the armor. I have completed the snap build and almost have the lower legs done now. Luckily I remembered to take some pictures before I got too far along. I am still tossing colors and placement around for this one, but needless to say its not going to be a stock scheme ;) For those that don't know how to do this, the way I do it is to drill holes just big enough for my jewelers saw blade to fit into. I cut out sections close to the edge I want leaving a little area to work with. I then take a short blade hobby knife and cut away small pieces until it is almost perfect. finally I use files in a single direction to make everything flat and smooth. Hope it helps if you were wondering.

You can see all the holes after I drilled them I do one larger one after that so I don't cut into the wrong section by accident.

Here you can see the sections cut out prior to the knife and file treatment...no finished pictures of this piece...just decided to cut this one up too.

After all is said and done this is what you have. Much nicer!

And once attached to the leg you get to see all that beautiful armor and detail Bandai put into the frame.

That's where I am at for now. I will post up some more soon.

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