May 29, 2011

Sword Impulse, Destiny Ver Tem

Here it is the finished Sword Impulse. My friend wanted a dark build, not my normal style, so I took the challenge. I used silver in the frame to give it some pop, and break it away from the dark colors of the panels. I mixed a yellow and over sprayed some copper on it to give a metallic final look to the yellow. It also darkened the color some.

I used the Destiny's decals mostly for the gold and silver on the sheet.

Not a lot of need for more words here. The pictures are why you are here any way.

There you have it the MG Sword Impulse Destiny Ver Tem. Hope you like it. C/C welcome as always. Whats next you ask? Here is a sneak peak. This build is all my its going to be an interesting one.


  1. This colour scheme is really quite different from ur usual work. This dark colour scheme really gives it a different feel as opposed to the original one. Great work. XD

  2. Thank you, I my computer has not been cooperating, I have tried to comment now 4 times. It was a challenge to not lighten the colors more, The dark primer really made a difference too. Again thank you.