May 13, 2011

Sword Impulse WIP...3?

The build and details are done, now to prime!!! I took some quick snaps of this guy prior to breaking him down for paint. In case you are wondering, no I didn't build this guy in three days. I have been working on him since December on and off. I haven't made it a priority until I got the PG's I was building done.

Anyway, here is the unpainted Sword Impulse Ver Tem.

Below everything is broke down to be primed and painted. This is a build for a friend so I have some choice in the colors, but some were dictated to me.

The frame is going to be a light color (I have never done that before) I will be painting Tire Black for the white parts, after panel lining I will be spraying the black so its a flat color. I'll be using the Copper color to offset the black, the reds will be glossy to stand out from the flat, the little details will be the dark yellow color (same one I used on The O). There you have it, my color choices and where I am at. Hope you like it.

As always keep building!


  1. Look forward to the completed work!

  2. @ Khaidir, Pla plate is a sheet of styrene plastic...I like the 2mm sheets myself.

    @Gundam Gunzo, it primed this weekend, now to get some nice weather so I can paint.