May 7, 2011

Presenting the PG Astray, Green Frame!

Here it is folks, not the image below that is one so you can compare the OOTB to the Ver Tem.

Below is the my completed PG Astray Green Frame Ver Tem. Thank you to and (unfortunately he no longer sells the awesome parts though) This is a birthday gift to my brother-in-law, and a tribute to a lost friend who build this PG before I did, he was also one of the reasons I got into Gunpla. so Nick and Dung here it is.

This was my first serious use of pla-plate and I honestly really like the details it adds.

Going to let the pictures do the talking here. A lot of cut aways exposing more of the green frame and the nice details.

The Gerbera Straight. (the name of the sword)

A closer view of the green enamel wash.

I really like the extra detail the thrusters give to the back of this guy. I didn't like the setup on the back pack either so I cut that all away and put in large boosters instead.

Where you have boosters there is a need for fuel, that being the case and these being added post build of course there are going to be some exposed lines.

A closer view of the black enamel wash. It really brings out the details in there.

I also thought this guy could use some spike shoulders. Not big ones just ones that say no touch!

Added small metal tube around the out armor to give it a more machine look.

The gun and shield setup, nothing too out of the norm basically the exact same as the PG Strikes.

This is the only place I used the white decals it added some much need break up from the dark colors as did the green enamel wash.

This is a closer view of the leg thrusters showing no limitations on movement due to their placement.

Yup that's a BFS, and a huge reason to get this kit!

There are beam sabers too!

And a lot of movement possibilities, granted this guy fits together very tightly so every pose scratched the paint. I will try and ship him in his final pose so to limit any more damage to 3 days worth of work painting!

A close up of this knee. I just like how the decals worked out here....its one of the Ver Tem additions...they shouldn't put extras on there if they don't want me to use them. :)

The beginning of the classic pose for the Astray.

And there you have it.

There you have it, the PG Astray Green Frame Ver Tem. A lot of extra effort really trying to push my abilities with this one. Next is the Sword Impulse its almost ready for priming so I need to paint yet again. After that I am working on a custom Dom, still planning this one, but needless to say there is going to be a lot of cut away on it. And below you can see a good day shopping. The one in the middle is the sniper I have been searching for! Thank you Gundam Guy for this one...and The PG Zeta! Haven't got that one in the mail yet though.
As always C/C welcomed and appreciated. Keep building!


  1. A PG Astray Green Frame! Very nice. You sure enhanced the kit with lots of extra details. Looks great. Looking forward to your sword impulse gundam.

    I am still trapped working with HG & RG kits nowadays. I am hoping that my next MG project would be the 00 Raiser. =)

  2. The 00 I love that one! I look forward to it, thank you for the compliment! Besides any work on Gundam is better than none.