Jun 17, 2011

Rick Dom WIP 4

All right an eventful week to say the least, but I did manage to get some small things done. And a valuable lesson learned. Ronsol lighter fluid will greatly weaken plastic!!! As you can see below the poor leg armor pretty much fell apart. The back story was I put on some pla-plate, I didn't like the end results so I was trying to get the plates off (I used super glue) and the ronsol helped with that, but also caused the plastic to basically fall apart in my hands. Oh well there are extra clear armor pieces so even though the clear plastic is 100 times harder to work with I have spares.
Got the head finished and ready to plate...motivated little cut out here if I do say so myself.
The rear armor skirt is almost done got all the cut outs finished just need to notch out the area for the boosters now.
And being that I was redoing the leg armor, I made an edit to the overall design. As you can see below. This is not going to be the average Rick Dom with a paint job. Its a true custom, Added some fuel cells, once the glue is completely dry I will add the wire and other details.

That's where I am at, not a lot I know, but I had to redo work that was already done. Until next time.

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