Nov 30, 2010

PG 00 Raiser WIP 1

It would seem I am letting some people down by not posting enough... so here it is. The beginning of the PERFECT GRADE GN0000 other wise known as the 00 Raiser. This thing is awesome to say the least. One of the most complicated and daunting builds I have taken on so far. The amount of parts alone is just insane! I believe 971 was what I read some where, sorry I am far to lazy to count. This guy comes as two models the 00 Gundam and the 0 Raiser. The 00 Gundam is completely snap fitted at this point and as you can see in the pictures below he is impressive! I have started the scribing process, and for those of you that have seen any of my other builds you will know that this if a slow process as I tend to go in depth with panel lines and other details. This guy is no different. I am still building the 0 Raiser, but I always enjoy taking a break from one step to do another for a few days.

Just showing you that it literally took 35 pages of directions for me to complete the build on this guy; not to shabby.

Decals, for a far far future use, but needless to say I will not be doing a full custom job this time. Not to worry though I have no doubt I will stray from the directions as this is my normal tendency. With out further delay.....!!!!!!! 00 GUNDAM!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
Below you see the leg frame, I didn't take any photos of the frame yet, I really wanted to see this guy finished! The frame is great though very sturdy. The arms were the hardest part of the build by far, the little spring gears that are used to control the movement really add some challenge in there.

Heck yeah Exia and 00 Drives working in synch, this by the way is hands down the best Gundam series I have seen to date, I just finished the first season and am now watching season 2. Once I have one leg complete I will post comparison photos for you to see. Same goes with the completed 0 Raiser once it is snap fitted. Things should be calming down a little bit now so maybe I will be able to concentrate on the important things in life. GUNDAM!

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