Jul 12, 2010

It Begins....

It has begun, while I am waiting for glue to dry and decisions to be made about masking challenges and how much is going to need disassembled I actually have to do...A PG fell out of my closet. Should be a good time...

35 pages of instructions just for the 00, should be fun.

Water slides already purchased. I am ready I think. Didn't I just get done torturing myself with the Ver. Ka? I must love decals.

SWEET it comes with batteries. That is a plus! The PG Strike did not come with them and luckily I don't care if the eyes light up; mostly because I can not find that battery any where in Okinawa.

The HG 0 Raiser made its way off the shelf to visit. Broke out the parts for just the 00, its 30 sprues of parts. The 0 is still in the box waiting for its turn.

I am not going to lie I am super excited about this one, but on the same note intimidated about messing it up. Its going to take a lot of time to ensure this one is done right. Don't worry the Shin Musha is still the priority. I want that guy on my shelf. He is going to look good.

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