Jul 11, 2010

Shin Musha WIP 4

So I do try to not post anything personal on here, but I just have to say this weeks work has been motivated by my Uncle that past Saturday evening. He worked installing Internet cable around the city so people could have high speed Internet. Because of this I decided to learn how to bend Pla-tube on the Shin Musha.

One side is done and came out nicely I used a trick I found on the Internet of course to give it a molded look into the body. If you are interested its simply. I use Tamiya liquid cement normally and once I got down to about a half jar I took a bunch of small pieces of sprue and put them in the glue bottle and let it sit for a day or two. It became this nice looking purple goo. (I used pieces from the Kampher.)
As you can see it is much thicker than the normal glue so it does not dry the same as normal. In this case it makes the tube look like it is molded into the piece. Once primed and painted it will look all nice. I added some other pla-plate to the backpack, also scribed, and chiseled out some of the top to break up all the flat space. I still need to add some place to the body itself not to much though. I like it and the basic design of the legs the way they are.

Kitchen scene snuck in again. lol. My next challenge will be what to do about the scabbard. From a little research it does not look like a traditional one had very much detailing. I don't necessarily like that though, but I can't make it so oddly shaped that it can't be held onto. Ah the joys of Gundam. Until next time thanks for reading.

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