Jul 3, 2010

Shin Musha WIP2

What a great day yesterday, even got the main body finished on this guy. I like all the details that are built into him. Looking over the body there is not too much major detailing that will need to be done. some deepening of panel lines and a few added.

The back is plain, but there is a back pack that will cover all that up. I am not sure if I want to attempt to make all the red look like it is samurai style panel armor or just leave it with a few added lines. I am still making up my mind about the final look, and will wait for the final build to make any decisions.
Articulation isn't bad at all, my main complaint would be the ankles.
And then there is this question, why make each layer separate in the front;
and not the back. I will have to figure something out to remedy this issue for sure.
Well its the fourth I might sneak in some armor building time today who knows anything is possible.

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