Aug 3, 2010

X-1 WIP 2

Another update in the saga of what I have been told is high speed gunpla building. I have completed the snap fit build and made some decisions on details for the waist, legs, and arms. The chest and full cloth parts are still in the idea stages.
As you can see here I have borrowed DC23's technique for cutting out areas that I feel needed to be removed. It works well just take your time when drilling the holes...easier to check twice than to putty once.
Here you can see the waist pieces marked for panel lining. Not perfect, but I know where I want the lines so it will work out just fine.
The arms are done with panel lines. Pla-plate is still to be done, but I want to be completely finished with panel lining before I tackle pla-plate. I am by no means anything more than a novice when it comes to that stuff. Practice and time will hopefully improve that skill set.
And here are the legs all done. I did some removal of plastic and drilled some holes where I thought they needed to be. The feet are going to be pla-plated so no scribing there.
The paint is still left over from marking, but that's nothing a little primer and paint won't cover.
Well that is where I am in the build process thus far.

1 comment:

  1. Great work on the pla-plate removal. I did the same thing with my HG 0 Gundam, and it was a pretty painful experience make all the parts looks symetrical. Good work on yours.

    You are already doing more to the kit than the average gunplars.