Aug 6, 2010

X-1 WIP3

Putty fun...first time filling in gaps with putty and I must say it improves the look of the shoulder skulls a lot. Filled them last night and let them sit almost 24 hours to ensure it was dry. Then I used an emery board to sand the rough stuff and moved to 600 grit wet sand paper to smooth it out. I will end up sanding it again with 1000 grit, but for now that is good.

This is prior to sanding of course a lot of extra to smooth out.

After some work it looks good to me. A little fine tuning still to do.

Here you can see the front skirts after panel lines have been scribed. I am getting close to pla-plate time. I can see now that I need to square off the area I cut out a little more, but the symmetry is good on both sides.

Here is the torso all scribed.

Torso continued.

Almost done with the panel lines. I am not sure what direction I am going to go on the full cloth portion, but it will end up having something extra awesome if my plans work out!

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