Aug 8, 2010

X-1 WIP 4. and a good day.

First things first...Yamada was good to me. Found this guy first store first day looking. Got some extra paint and some plans for him...possibly my next build who knows at this point. I know not every one is excited about this guy, but the potential to upgrade and detail this guy is amazing to me. I could not resist. Even with the Yen rate being terrible!
Here you can see the final unsanded versions of the chest, arms, and legs. I kept the waist pretty plate free, I like the way the looked with out the plating.

Not really a lot to say about it. The pictures show everything I need to get some Thin cement for sure. I can see the need for it now, but that is in hind sight. I will begin the adventure of wet sanding tonight after dinner kids willing. Should be ready to prime in the next day or so.

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