Jun 19, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP...Lost count

No, I have not abandoned anything here...I fell into a hole of time consumption.

Ah the trap that is decaling. It looks so good and as I slowly cut down on the number of decals left on the sheet it feels like I am accomplishing something.

All I have left to do are the legs, weapons, and the other side piece to the thruster pack (working on that now) So close but still so far.

Have a happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there.


  1. Hiiiiiii~
    What a coincedence......im also recently made an orange colored Gundam hahahahahaha
    I like it very much man~
    will surely link you

  2. Ah..delicate work but yet the outcome is outstanding after decal-ling. ^^

    Although I skipped using dry transfer decal & bought the water slide instead to work faster & better.