Jun 14, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju WIP 3

Got a lot of the painting and all the silver done last night. Some times I think my imagination is more capable than my hands are. Oh well; that is how you learn I suppose. I am really happy with how the 2 tone orange came out. Debating on if I want to dry brush the frame or not. I have never done Dry Brushing, but from reading it sounds doable. Might really add that last bit of detail I am looking for with this guy.

There is still a lot of detail painting to get done on this one not to mention the panel lining, thrusters, and then the decals...I would have loved to find a set of the black ones that Gaijin Gunpla used, but I think that the white ones I have mixed with a few water slides I have from other kits will really come out nicely.

I still need to read about photographing the Gundam and the like to improve that part of the fun.

Dry brushing done! I think it came out really nicely. It really adds a lot of details to the frame. Gives it that metal look. Now I am saddened to have to put all the armor pieces on. Oh well. Wouldn't look right just having a frame standing there with a bunch of painted pieces all around.

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