Jun 10, 2010

Ver. Ka Sinanju

Here I am all set to prime the pieces so I can get the detail work done. This is my first time priming before I scribe and add any plastic to the Gundam. Learned two valuable lessons: 1. bottled Mr. Surfacer is much cheaper than the can, and 2. it does not thin with alcohol like the paint I am using! It is lacquer based; that mistake almost cost me some air brush parts. I don't see a lot of difference in priming before or after, just that I will have to add some more primer and clean my air brush before I can paint it.

Below everything has been scribed, pla plate added , and washed; its ready for masking. I did very minimal work on this guy though. I did some scribing to deepen the panel lines that were already there and added a few in places I thought were too plane. The curved surface on the legs I left alone. I like them the way they are already. Halloween towels make the best drying surfaces BTW.

I will post a few pics after the first round of masking is done its going to be a slow process masking this guy then letting the paint cure so I don't get any residue marks. If any one knows a trick to keep that from happening other than time I welcome the advice.

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