Jun 9, 2010

A start.

Hello all, I am new to the world of Gundam, started when I was in Brunei and bored walking around the mall. Saw a hobby shop rolled in and saw these awesome looking models, and well the rest is where I am today. 4 months later and I am deeply engrossed with these guys. I am a snob at this time focusing on MG or better.

At this time I in the process of modifying (lightly mind you) a Ver Ka. Sinanju. Saw a modified one and decided I was not happy with my one I built when I first started. Hope I can help any one who wants to see what its like when some one first gets into this hobby and progresses. (hopefully)

Also new to blogging so we shall see how this all goes.

Until next time, have fun.


  1. Wait... WHAT?? You were in Brunei???? At The mall? There's only a few places at the mall that sells... sweet dude! I'm a bruneian!

  2. Man I missed this comment. I was there on a business trip, and ended up having a lot more free time than expected. The hotel I stayed in had a rather nice mall attached to it and a little market just down the street. It was a really fun experience. The food there was amazing!