Jan 31, 2011

The scribing is DONE!!!!

I know I have been missing my normal updates, one excuse is a lot of travel in the past two months! The other more understandable one (I pack my Gundam in my suitcase when I travel) is that this being my 2nd PG, and my first one with added details, the sheer amount of work is insane!

Here is the final quick look, I have to wait until I get back to Japan before I can complete all the work; I still need to pla-plate, and add a few other details. I worked really hard to make sure the details I added were ones needed and did not over do it on this guy. A few future builds are going to be a lot more detailed and over the top, so I am looking to make the 00 Raiser look like its supposed to, with a lot of the details coming from the paint. The plan for this will be shown later.

All right enough delay; to the Gundam! It is not assembled, I dont want to wear out the Poly Caps, and the head is still in Japan.

With the body I cut a few small pieces out, there are strips is iridecent rubber underneath the armor I tried to bring those out more.

There is a lot of sanding that still needs to be done, but I think the lines came out nicely. It will really make the GN Arms sword look good as you can see below.

The Gn drive holders needed some added detail for sure! I went with a more RX-78 look with the panels.

The arms I did remove a few pieces from the panels, and added a lot of extra details. I even got to use my new rivet tool, looks pretty good making more of a ring and actually raising the center piece up a little.

There is still a considerable amount of work to be completed, but the largest part for me anyway is done. A little bit of plate (maybe), sanding and then I get to use my new Airbrush!!!! I am excited to see it, as it was delivered after I left Japan. My PG Red Astray also came in so my Brother-in-law will be happy, that one will not look anything like its meant color wise when I am done. Hope you like what you see here, and I will be more consistent with updates once I am back home. Keep building!


  1. This looks great! I can't wait to see the final product.

  2. hey dude, I'm doing the arms, But I'm stuck on the manual instruction pg.21, on 8<1> & 8<2> on the 1st 8, it has an O9 piece. On the 2nd 8, there's also the O9 piece, I've looked through the runners, and I only got 1 piece of O9, on the 1st 8, it says x4 to assemble, the other in x2...

    Where's the rest?

  3. I mean, the rest of the O9?

  4. Uh... I just figured it out what O9 is used for.. LOL sorry to bother you dude!

  5. Glad you got it. The instructions are still in Japan. The arms were the hardest part of the whole build! All the little pieces that didnt want to fit right the first time, ; drove me nuts.