Jan 15, 2011


Well I am normally not one to tempt fate and see how good I am, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity! Gundam Guy/GG Infinite putting on a photo competition how awesome is that! The judges are some of the people I look up to in the Gundam community and people whom I respect the opinions of. So I am entering 3 of the categories. I thought I would share my entries with the rest of you. 

So here they are:
1. Best Straight Built
RB-79 Ball Ver Ka. This is one of the only Gundam I have no intention on changing. I really like this one the way it came and so I left it OOTB.  

  2. Best Customized Gunpla
The O Ver Tember. This is probably the build I am most proud of as it took me 3 months to do and really tested my skills as a builder. While I stayed with the yellow color base, I took the plain lines of this guy and gave it more of a WWII tank look heavily riveted and harsh paint lines. Adding weaponry from the Freedom (Gundam Seed) because something this huge needs more then a few beam sabers and a beam rifle in my opinion.

3. Best Paint Job
Of course for a paint job this is the one I thought of instantly. The drastic color change from the original that I did on this one still motivates me to push further with paint schemes and decals. All though I do my best to stay away from dry rub decals now.  :)

There you have it my 3 entries into the G-Shot competition; to the other competitors I wish you luck and look forward to seeing who comes out the winner! 

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