Jan 11, 2011

Sword Impulse Snap fit complete. PG Raiser Update.

All right. Nothing like a long vacation to give you time to relax and neglect things!

As the title says over the holidays I snap built the Sword Impulse (MG) that I am building for a friend, and continued to scribe the PG Raiser. The Sword Impulse had to get done before my flight back home as I needed the suitcase room!

The Sword Impulse was a super fun build, pretty much an identical build to the Impulse, but that is to be expected. As I said I am building this for a friend so the color scheme was chosen for me, but it will be a challenge none the less. There is a lot of room to do some really cool things with this guy though, so I will have to sit down and make some decisions before starting anything. The PG Raiser is first on the list though!

The colors requested are gloss red and flat/matte black, I think I am going to leave the blue in there and make it a really dark metallic blue, but that one is still in the idea stages. But with out delaying here are the pictures.
In the series this Gundam come in multiple pieces. Once it is painted I will not be transforming it, so I thought now was the best time. Its pretty cool, and it is tempting to build one just for this form, but who knows.

I will post some pictures up of the PG soon, its pretty much your basic draw line, dymo tape line, scribe line. Nothing too interesting. Hope everyone had a great holiday and here's to a great new year!

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