Feb 26, 2011

An entire year

Here I sit thinking how a year ago I found this cool looking model and hey I was bored and it didn't need glue or anything so why not try it out. Little did I know that was going to start a love affair with something called Gunpla/Gundam what ever you decide it should be called. I thought it would be fun to post some slightly edited images of my last years builds.

RB-79 Ball Ver Ka. Gundam, OOTB build.
PG Strike Gundam, OOTB Build.
Sinanju Ver Ka, my first custom color scheme and slightly modified build. This was the one that motivated me to share my passion with the rest of the interweb. :)
Shin Musha, again slightly modified and minor changes to the color scheme.
X-1 Crossbone Full Cloth Ver Tem, custom paint scheme, cut away armor sections and heavy scribe work. Something that I feel is a definite style point for me.
Tactical Unicorn Ver Tem. full custom color scheme, cut away a lot of armor to expose more phsyco frame.
The O Ver Tem, this was a 3 month love affair drilling holes for 2 solid weeks I think, I repressed those memories. I love how this one came out! Again a lot of scribe work, pin-vise time, and although I stayed close to the intended colors I did make it my own.
There you have it a year in the life of Tember Gundam. I am by no means the fastest builder, nor the best, but I am working on improving everyday, and testing my abilities with each build!
The PG 00 Raiser's painting is complete I will begin to refit all the pieces back on tomorrow and should have pre decal photos soon.

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