Apr 7, 2012

WIP 1 Resin Booster Gundam

A banner weekend for posts for me!

This is what I have been working on for a little while now. I will say that resin is a considerably slower process for me. Especially when the pieces are not fitting perfectly. So there has been a lot of sanding, cutting, scraping, and shimming plates in there to make things fit nicely (as you can see in the first photo). I have been working on the chest for a few days now pinning and gluing plates in place.

You can see there are gaps in the lower chest piece so I am going to have to putty in a lot of those little gaps. So right now the pins are in and hold things in place temporarily.

Nothing super exciting, but still some progress on what I consider to be my most challenging build thus far. Thanks as always for stopping by.

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