Apr 6, 2012

RG RX-78 Done....Finally.

The RG RX-78 is complete! I know it took me long enough. I just could not find the want to do the decals on this guy! All that is in the past now, and I even found a program to resize my images(one of my challenges since moving to a MAC) I decided that he should battle the RG Char's Zaku, I mean why not. Nothing too amazing done here the RG series is already super detailed and really only needs to be build and painted to make it great, so I stuck with that. I always look for a reason to use orange, and here I managed to work it in pretty well in my opinion. I did do some very light weathering of the paint mainly on the grey color, so the white blemishes are intentional. (:

But, enough typing words, your here for the pictures.....

Nothing like a 6 color scheme for a 1/144 Gundam. Took a little while to do for sure. Hope you like it and as always thanks for stopping by.

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