Mar 23, 2013

F6F Hellcat Night Fighter

With all the challenges, mistakes and everything its done....Lets just start this off with how I feel about it...the decals silvered, the liquid mask it didn't adhere properly and so paint bled through. Beyond that I am happy with how the paint finish came out. The interior looks great with the washes done. The Prop tips color came out really nicely. And in final assembly there is almost no glue to be seen. So for some one who is used to building snap fits or resin cast I am happy with how it came out. I will be very happy to go back to my current gundam projects!

Nothing too complex, no custom things, just straight OOB build. My first complete for the Air Team build at Mecha Lounge! Bring it on ground team! T.G.

Mar 20, 2013

F6F Hellcat WIP 3...


My Goodness work has been brutal, math finals are a ton of fun....but I digress.

I have managed to get a lot of work done on the Hellcat, and thats a good thing because I am due to give it away for a gift on this sunday. Exciting and pressure filled for sure. Too the pictures.

Here you can see how I managed to use proweld and spring clips to get things to line up nicely.
You can see where I have painted the wheel well it'll need to be masked later. 
I have the main fuselage masked here, ready for primer to find any imperfections in the center seam...there were a lot of them, nothing putty couldn't fix. 

The engine is complete here...exhaust lines all setup now. 

The machine guns...details that will be lost in a minute. 
Gone! But you and I know that they are in there. 

Primed on the left, painted on the right. The paint is so dark I decided not do any preshading, as it would have been lost in the main color. The color scheme is from a squadron of the VFN-52 Night Fighters, their paint scheme was a solid very dark blue.
That is the update at this point. Thank you for taking a look. T.G.