Sep 6, 2010

The O WIP 1

As you can see The O is snap fitted, Typhoons give you a lot of time to do things like that. This dude is impressive to say the least. And after seeing the snap fit I decided that this was going to be the gundam I push my skills on more than I usually do.
I love the Waist (crotch) arms. Something I have not seen before on a Gundam and something that I doubt I will see again anytime soon.

A lot of empty space on this guy so a lot of space to do as I want. The basic plan for this guy is a tank style build with rivets along all the panels so to say the least I need to hold back on panel lining to a degree, and it is going to be a slow process building this guy!
The end result will be worth it though.

Here you can see some of the details I have done so far; there is a lot of clean up as always, but every build it gets less and less so that is nice.
I have started to do some filling in of mistakes and lines I didn't like already.
I am in the very early stages of adding some flair to this guy also. Not going to give it all away so soon, but to say the least The O is the biggest MG I have built so I am making it bigger because, well I want to.

Where does this go you ask, well you can find out later. :) Hope you enjoyed.

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