Sep 23, 2010

The O WIP 2

All right I can already tell you that the WIP updates for this guy are going to be SLOW!!! The detailing on this guy is unbelievably time consuming but so very worth it!

As you can see one leg is done and one is not. Well done with the scribing, the rivets I have yet to start on these pieces.
The chest is all scribed, I do not intend on using pla-plate like I normally do; any pla-plate will be used to add full plating and even then I am doubtful I will use any at all.

As you can see above the butt plate here is all scribed out and ready for rivet below you can see the rivet treatment with all the measurements and hand drilling each hole this piece alone took me 3+ hours.

I think that the final look is awesome though. It really has the heavy armor plating look to it. Needless to say it will be a few days until I am ready to update again.


  1. That is one sick modded butt plate. Good job. Those lines & holes reminds me of those military plane hull plating.

    And I thought I was meticulous about panel line scribing.. look at you! Those long hours are definitely not wasted.

    Now I begin to wonder about your color scheme for this guy. My guess was wrong last time for your Unicorn Gundam. I am going to make any guess for your O...

  2. That's some serious dedication right there. Looks incredible even in these early stages. Those additional panel lines and rivets add another level of realism to the kit.

  3. Dedication is the right word all right. The funny thing is I almost broke out my PG as a means of breaking the monotony from drilling so many holes. I just hope my drill bit makes it!