Aug 5, 2011

MG Strike Freedom WIP 1, Snap fit complete.

One positive thing about the typhoon that has me stuck in my house for 3 days is I completed the snap fit on the MG Strike Freedom (SF) A fun build and a good looking Gundam for sure. As I sat there trying to figure out a good color scheme for this one (watching Gundam Unicorn) I was inspired by Char. So in his honor, this SF will become Char's 3rd coming. I have started on the modifications already, nothing close to the Dom, but some changes for sure. Any ways here are some pictures of the SF for you.

First noted improvement will be the addition of larger boosters for the back pack as fast as this guy is those puny thrusters just aren't enough. Oh and the center piece on the waist needs to be longer it just doesn't look right. If you remember; I had the same thoughts with the Unicorn.

Being me, I have zero intentions of doing a one red color scheme. That being said; below are the colors I have chosen to go with. I am keeping the frame gold other than that nothing will look the same.
Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. :)

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