Aug 10, 2011

Strike Freedom WIP 2

A little vacation and a wonderful place to sit and work on Gundam while I was waiting on my kids to wake from "quiet time".
Got the first of the two wing sections done as you can see with this one I am going to be extremely sparing with my use of pla-plate and other parts to break up the clean lines. That being said I am spending a lot of time on panel lines.

Here you can see where I am taking away the seam lines and getting things ready for scribing/final priming.

Here is the lengthened rear skirt section a trick part to extend for sure with it being on an angle and all. But its done I may have to cut some so the base will fit but that is another days update.

And the beefed up back pack now with more power (uhh ohh uhh as Tim Allen would say) I think this makes it a lot better looking.

That is my progress so far, back to work tomorrow so might slow down some...thanks for looking.


  1. I envy your workspace it looks so nice and peaceful.
    Cant wait to see what this baby will look like.

  2. That my man is a real nice workplace. Great and relaxing environment to work in XD