Apr 8, 2013

MG RX-93 HWS(Heavy Weapon System) Conversion WIP 1

Well once again the PG curse hit me and as I sat down to build away, I get hit with the reality of the fact I have no clue what direction I want to go with it yet. Now I come up with a Steam Punk version of the PG Zeta, but that will now have to wait as I know very little about steam punk so Pinterest is helping me out with that a lot for motivation and inspiration.

But I digress....I have completed the snap fit on the MG kit, and have the legs and waist completed resin wise, at least to the point that I can move forward with the rest to ensure a clean fit. This is my first true conversion kit using the full frame. The fit is extremely tight in most places, so much so that it is requiring me to shave away a lot of the inner frame resin and some of the plastic frame. Thats all easy stuff though, and this kit is just impressive. Plus it was a gift for christmas.

Above you can see some of the pieces waiting to be organized after a month in the cleaning solution. And a little of the work on one of the legs. Below is a little bit if the T.G. style coming through. I didnt like the little rivets that were on the ankle guards; so I used my pins sunk them in and drilled through and set them in place. 

Much better, at least in my opinion.
The next five slides are a side by side comparison of the Original leg vs the loosely set resin conversion leg.

Below is the primed and cleaned shield. With a little added flair to it.
Now heres my completed waist section. I had to add details to the rear center section. The original piece was plain smooth plastic...that did not fit the rest of the kit at all. So Here it is ready for primer to see where it needs more sanding.....ugh resin is so much sanding.
Here you can see the under side of the piece. I pinned the two skirt pieces together because they are not very stable and in final assembly it will be a lot easier to position with the pins in place.
And now the front. Nothing crazy to do here. I added a little more flair to the front center section to keep it in line with the rear. Symmetry is nice unless its done via scribing then its just work. :)
Fit is nice after  a lot of massaging.
This is the rear of the front skirt. You can see how how its all based on the Nu Gundam kit its a true Heavy Weapon System.
A few pictures of the completed waist section.

As always, thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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