Apr 24, 2013

RX-93 Nu Gundam HWS Conversion WIP 2

A lot of head way has been made on the chest. I have had to do a lot of pinning to get the pieces to set in place and at the proper angles. As some of the fits were very poor to say the least. I have done a lot of sanding and cutting on the underside of the parts to get them to fit in place, followed by pins to make sure things can be easily epoxied into position post paint. I got the back pack and head mounted last night but I was too tired to take any pictures of that part. I will have to owe you those.

Lets start here; As you can see I used 4 pins to make this center chest piece stay in the right position. I had to add a pin because there is a piece that attaches to the underside here.

The collar isn't pinned, but I did have to do a considerable amount of hot water reshaping to get a good fit.
Everything on this side fits together pretty nicely, the other side I am going to have to build up a little bit though.

I know that the chest sides are a little uneven, I fixed that last night.

Thats where I am at so far. I have to do the arms and weapons still, and a lot of clean up. But things are moving along nicely.  I have completed the legs and waist. Pictures of that are below.

 I decided to go without the covers on the legs side armor, the exposed internals are more my style any way.

 I added details to the center sections to help it blend in with the rest of the waist.

As always thank you for stopping by T.G.

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