May 15, 2013

PLA=Out Magazine

There is a new magazine coming and I would love to be a part of it!! So I am posting some better photos of my work as I believe I have improved upon my photo skills in the past few years. Please bare with me as I repost some of my work that you have seen before. Do not worry. I will have an update to the FWS this week as I am 90% complete with first fitting at this point.

The first one is my MSA-0011 BST Gundam. Its a G-System Full resin kit. That took me approximately 5 months to build. It was my first large scale full resin kit. It is extremely heavy and so I had to pin a large amount of the parts to assist in weight bearing. I added wiring to the upper boosters below the fuel tanks. Scribed in extra panel lining. The paint scheme is a simple one for me with 2 blues, red, white, and grey. I over sprayed the blue on the sides of the boosters, and used a clear red over spray on the boosters to add a hot look to them. The decals are a custom selection of my own. design as the kit came with very few decals.

 Now my other pride and joy. PG Gundam 00 Raiser!
I love the 00 series and this was a true 3-4 month labor of love. I cut armor to expose internals. scribed in a lot of extra lines. used 3 blues, 2 whites, and 2 reds to complete the color scheme for this kit.

As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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