Jun 24, 2013

RX-93 HWS Gundam Ver. Tem.

What a very long time coming. Completing this build has been a huge challenge in so many ways. My first full conversion kit. And I must say there were a ton of ill-fitting parts, pieces that needed boiled and reset to fit. What a fun time spent in the past 5 months. I have had many stalls due to life, but thats normal. Enough random chat though.

I stayed close to the intended color scheme making it my own in placement of the colors and decals (sorry Kamm I have your decals set aside for another kit that was supposed to be done by now). I added boosters to the shoulders as something this big is going to need them for sure. So in the end this is a very subdued color build for me. But I am happy with the final result. There are a few imperfections in the paint. And of course they were caused by the damn top coat. So Not a lot I can do to repair that now. And to be honest, I am at the point where I just want to be done and start something new. So.....

Introducing the RX-93 Heavy Weapon System (HWS) Gundam Ver. Tem.

Thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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