Jul 3, 2013

MG G-Gundam! WIP 1

The next project(s) has begun!!!!!

I have started modifications on the G-Gundam build for my Cousin, and dragged out of waiting my HG Kshatryia. I love the KSH, but the HG leaves something to be done, but I am feeling up for the challenge. The G-Gundam as is usual for my builds for others the colors have been chosen, but I get to choose placement, Black, Grey, and Purple are my starting point. I have a feeling I will add another color, and maybe do a bright frame to give it a little pop from the black and grey.

As you can see the snap fit is done and this guy is nothing but rounded edges and night mare connections. I guess thats how it gets it mobility. But it is not all that friendly to scribe. I am going with the orange hands as a primary posing, but if I can figure out a way to paint the rubber parts I will do some of them as well. Rubber hands.....not my favorite.

My first fix so far was to make these boring boosters better boosters. Easy enough really. 
Bam, there you have it a pin and a metal booster inner and things are much better.

I also decided that this guys weak little stock boosters just wouldnt work for me! If you look at the picture from the bottom up...where you see the rings the boosters below it are the stock ones, the boosters above it are koto parts. Better a very tight fit though.
Nothing a little sanding cant make better.
Now to fix the rest of the back pack. Its supposed to be a core booster, but when have I ever cared about supposed to be things. Added a pin for placement.
And now you have 3 boosters....this will be the turbo version of the G-Gundam
And started to plate it up.
Its a start nothing amazing yet, but hey its a WIP. Thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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