Jul 12, 2013

Dual Posting time! G-Gundam WIP 2 and HG Kshatriya WIP 1

Hotel room bound again. No paining this time though. Just two projects of fun. First things first, my G-Gundam build. I have been given free license by my cousin (person I am making this for) to do as I see fit. At first I was going to keep it pretty plain....and then well you know things happened Pla-plate starts flying and next thing I know this is becoming an original build for sure.

The first of 2 legs has been completed. The photos are comparison.

I didn't go too crazy, but I did add some needed details to the leg armor. I have never been a huge fan of big smooth armored places on some of the Gundam I build. Below is the chest, I have a few more details that will need to be done on it, but for the most part its completed. The back is plain as I need to be able to get a good fit for the core fighter.

Its mainly adding details and some scribing. Not a lot of scribing though. I just don't see this one and all paneled up for some reason.

Onto what I have done today! I am normally not a man to build HG's I don't like the amount of work they represent to make them look good and I don't like the small size of the true 1/144 ones...This one is 1/144 of course, but in that its still as large as a 1/100 MG. After snap fitting it and looking into where I wanted to add detail I had the thought as I am hoping to get the shipping notice on my Elynn Hobby Kshatriya that I wanted to do something original. I have seen a lot of builds where the center section is split so you can see the detail inside, but I have not seen one that is cut apart and details are exposed close to the surface. So enters my days efforts thus far. Below is the stock look.
This is post cutting:
And cut out removed...so much clean up.
Cleaned up inner frame put back in as you can almost see there is no detailing inside. 
So to get the gap I want I added some 3mm posts glued them in place after measuring 3-4 times to ensure equal height.
And now I have the gap that I wanted. Nothing huge, but a good place to add detail. The plan as it stands is to back it with pla-plate and then build it up with koto parts and such to get all the mechanical details I feel it needs.

Its going to be a fun project, slow but fun. Only 3 more to cut and build....what have I gotten myself into!?! As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.


  1. nice work on the wing funnel of the Kshatriya. what cutting tool did u use to make the cut?
    thx sir!

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  2. Thank you for the compliment. I use a jewelers saw. like the one in the link. It has a lot of clearance allowing me to cut things with out rubbing againts the higher parts.