Oct 13, 2013

Introducing the G-Gundam Ver Tem.

Man it has been a while since I completed a kit or heck even updated my site. I will say that I broke my cardinal rule when building kits. I started I think at final count 4 kits. So I made myself prioritize the kits, and get them done one at a time like I normally do. SO....Here I am with the first of the four kits. I completed the build for my Cousin Jessica. She designed my websites logo, so I figured it only fair I build her a kit. Her requests were as follows: Grey and Purple, with a glossy finish. I did a 2 tone purple, 2 tone grey, with brass frame color scheme. I did 2 coats of gloss clear coat to get a nice shiny finish. I did a lot of firsts on this kit working to try and get a really nice clean look, but of course adding details as I saw fit. Enough talk. Below are the photos.

And one last photo for fun and a little wow factor from the hands. I could not resist using the orange glowing hands!!!

As always thank you for stopping by. I will do my best to update this place a little more often. T.G.

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