Jun 10, 2012

Chaos Rhino, and some conversions

I will start with the conversion...nothing major, almost a proxy change. I am taking some Death Angel Veterans, and turning them into a Stern Guard Veteran Squad for my Space Marine Army. But of course I am not going to paint them just any regular paint scheme. This is a SGV Squad from the Angels of Hate! I went with the SGV idea of preferring distance to close combat. Not a lot done here, just built, and initial wash has been done.

Onto finished works. My weekends project. A Chaos Space Marine Rhino. I am using the Emperor's Children colors. I know the name doesn't make sense, but it is the name of a CSM Chapter. So, breaking from all the black, which is really boring and overly easy to paint...not something I am into with $60 models. I spent the money, they might as well look great. Or as great as I can get them. (:

You can see I didn't put the outer doors on, I thought with the chains hanging down, the doors just looked crowded, and how would they open? So I went with a they can jump out the door look.

I built this so I would be able to store it very easily in my foam casing. So I am height limited. Taking a page from my resin building knowledge (very limited knowledge indeed) and pinned all the upper pieces in place.
As always thank you for stopping by. C/c are always welcome. T.G.


  1. COOL!! you're doing minitures too!!

  2. Yeah, blame DC, and Decay for it! I am loving them. Learning the game too. Looks like some fun.