May 29, 2012

Fire Wasp Space Marine Terminator

Warhammer update time again.
 This time I have completed what will end up being the first of my Fire Wasp Terminator squad. I have decided not to stick with just one single chapter...after all what would be the fun in painting all my Space Marines the same. After all they all serve the same Emperor, and thus should work together towards a common cause. Now I know that some chapters despise other chapters and will only help them because they have too. But I don't really care about that when I am choosing what ones to paint, and how.

Now that I have painted a few of these I decided to show the steps I used to paint a Fire Wasp Terminator.

1. Prime it white. I didn't show that, but you can guess what it looked like. The same pretty much only white (:
2. I used Baby Poop, and Yellow snow 50/50 mix with about 3 drops of water to create the wash base for  the model.
3. Here I used the darkest yellow I had mix with a light grey. Yellow has terrible coverage ability. That being said if you add a drop of grey the coverage greatly improves. So That's what I did.
Below you can see a side to side comparison the left one is wash only, the right one is 1st layer of color.
Yes that is a collector Gundam Ramen cup in the background...what better cup to use?

Same comparison, just this time left is wash only, and right is 2nd layer of an even lighter yellow.
After that I forgot to take pictures of the parts I painted black. Sorry, Basically straight black, then on the metallic parts a 50/50 mix of black and tin to give it a very dark black metallic look. I used a glazing medium in the red, yellow, and orange for the flames. By using glazing compounds the paint becomes very viscous and wet blends very well with other paints. But it doesn't thin the paint out like water would.
I used a long hair brush to  make the stripes allowing me to just pull across. Not a bad job for my first time free handing stripes on a round surface. Oh and you can see the 2 layer dry brush on the bolter.
Hand painted arrow. Lesson learned there was to draw it with a pencil first. Not perfect, but all right.

Close up of the flames.

Base isn't finished I know. Needed to let the paint dry tonight then I will base him up. As I am learning the game of WH40k, I don't intend anything fancy that makes it so he isn't playable.

As always thanks for stopping by. C/C welcome,


  1. The up arrow is the standard Tactical Squad marking. Terminators would normally have a Veteran/Elite marking as befits their status - typically a cross.

    The stripes came out well.

  2. @xNickBaranx, Thanks bro, still learning all the details. I will have to work the details of a cross on the next few Terminators. I doubt I can make the arrow look like anything else with out making it look terrible.