May 21, 2012

WH Tank, and colors

Warhammer work continues! I got my tanks...I know its a Razor, but its basically a tank. I have to say this one is a little older 1999, and man it needed a lot of clean-up! As you can see from the photos; I have been working on getting the seam lines covered and its been a nightmare.

I did manage to finish the clean up, added some pal-plate to the upper sides to give a heavier armor look. I started to paint it, but I can't decided if the paint scheme I started using is one that I really want. So its on hold as I practice on a few lesser marines.

All that being said in my research I found a great link for the color schemes of Space Marines. I am still sifting through them to make decisions on the ones I like most, I may just end up painting a ton of singles for a little while so I can make a better decision. Already have the Ultra-Marine Chapter done. and a Necron Overlord...I owe pictures I know. Needed the base to dry. So here is the link Space Marine color charts. Hope it helps save some search time.

I will get some more stuff up soon with colors hopefully. As always thanks for stopping by T.G.

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