May 25, 2012

Space Marines, a Necron, and a Dreadnaught.

I have a back log of finished Mini's. I will say that I think I have whittled down the chapter choices to two chapters, of course its not one of the color schemes I have used so far. The winners for now are The Falcons Sanguine and the Fire Wasps, with the Fire Wasps in a slight lead right now.  Choosing just one is just too hard to do. I honestly don't see it as a hard rule to chose only one Space Marine Chapter. And if it is a rule, then consider me a rebel. You can see my Black Wings Captain. and below a Black Wing Space Marine. The cape was a challenge for sure. Getting it to look like cloth was fun.
Also on the power sword I used a wet blending technique, it was fun, and not as easy as it looked on the video I watched. I am happy with how it came out though.

A closer view of the sword.
The Grunt Marine with a flamer.

Enough Space Marines, Here is my Necron Overlord. Staying with the orange color scheme, but improving IMO on the blending of the colors from the first one. I am really pleased with how this one came out. That lightening effect on the shoulders, the really dark metal look of the cape, and the clean metal look of the rest of the model. I used an orange wash on the metal to darken it some and add a final bit of detail to it.
I am sticking with the green color for the weapons, I think its a nice contrast in color from the orange.

Oh all right another Space Marine, My first dreadnaught. I added some pal-plate to the top of it to break up the flat areas a little bit. And worked on the details in the base. I really like the base on this one. I think it has some good details, but is still easily playable. And in the end that is the goal right.

A shot of the top I added the plates on the right side of the model and the circle pieces on the left side of the model.
Well, that's where I am at with this adventure so far. I have some tanks to paint, some awesome Necron stuff coming in the mail, and eventually I will get to the Orcs that I have. I doubt I will ever play them though. It takes too many of them.

As always thanks for stopping by.


  1. How do you get the perfect balance between the red and blue sides for the grunt marine?

  2. @Daxxe, Its really easy. Step 1. Depending on how dark the cover colors will be I would use a pencil, or a very thin black marker. I used the crest on the chest as a middle marker and drew a line (with a pencil in this case) then I painted the red (the light color should be used first in case any mistakes are made) Also by using the lighter color first you can cover just a tiny bit of it with the darker color so the seam looks perfect. Thanks for the great question.