May 11, 2012

Warhammer 40k Space Marines, and a Necron

An update of the past weeks work. I have completed two more Space Marines and one Necron. I am starting work on my first Dread Naught. I have been working in shading techniques I have seen used to add depth to the miniatures. I like how they are coming out and simple bases are fun to make. Still working on painting ground effects.

Not sure who this is, but he looked important. So I put him by  a big rock.

And who wouldn't want a Space Marine with a rocket launcher! I added some fall colors to the base for this guy. Just one decal (the Horseshoe) standard techniques used to place that...something I am used to anyway.

NECRON!!!!! Just a Necron warrior, but I did a mix metal and ceramic color scheme. I stuck with the standard green for the weapon though.

And the Base coated Dread Naught. Nothing special done yet it will get some love this weekend. I also found a sweet deal getting two tanks for the same price as one so thats in the mail (:

Well, I will not tell you that I don't miss Gundam...I do a lot there is a lot of freedom in cutting, scribing, and making things just how you would want them. But I already have 17 tupperware bins and need to get a ton of packing peanuts so that my Built works aren't destroyed in the cross pacific move.

As always thanks for stopping by.  T.G.

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