May 27, 2012

Space Marine Fire Wasps Razor

As I finish my first Fire Wasp Razor, I figure I should show you where I am getting the color scheme from.  This link will take you to the place that I have found for the Space marine Chapters. I am not saying its the end all be all list, but its a good list none the less its a pretty thorough one for me to use.

The one I want you to pay attention to are the Fire Wasps. The other ones are nice too, but not being painted by me right now.
And here you go! A Fire Wasp Razor. Stripes one the left I didn't want to paint the right black, so I did the flames in the center.
A little weathering where the exhaust would be.
The model was too large to do weathering on. I used my airbrush...I missed using it. To get a really nice even yellow color. The Vallejo colors yellow is very slow to cover requiring a lot of layers. That isn't a big deal on a Space Marine, but this thing is a little bigger, and thus multi-layer isn't really something that fits into my lack of patience personality.

I used the flame idea on the crest of the tail section. And added a rifle, and some extra fuel to break up the plain lines.
Here you can see the stripes. All hand painted by the way. I wanted to practice my hand painting for the lines, especially because the space marines are a lot smaller and going to take a lot of steady painting.

Well, I have been working on this for a few days now. Hope you like it. As always thanks for stopping by.  T.G.

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