Aug 19, 2012

The O, Neo Geo Version (Resin)

Finished!!!!! Hand painting is fun and all. Nothing like going back over the same color a few times to cover up the end it was worth it though. It feels great to complete a Gundam after so long.  I stayed with a simple color scheme as I said I would. I did add a dark grey in to break up all the light colors. This was a fun build for sure! My only gripe still remains the missing piece. Maybe someday I will try my hand at pouring resin so I can repair/replace things like that. Enough talking though; you are here to see the completed Ver. Tem.  Neo Geo Version of The O.  Sorry if the pictures aren't amazing quality, the only camera I have is on my iPhone.
This is the finished lower half, I wanted to get a picture of the frame work, and show how the wash gave it a really nice finished look.

The gold still really stands out like I wanted it too.
While I am taking photos of just half....I think the stripe on the beam rifle really gave it a finished look. I cant take credit for the was in the picture of the original build. But I still like it.
This is prior to panel washing.

The bright gold gives added contrast and detail to a very dark part of the model.

A couple more shots of the underneath. Have to make sure you get a chance to see those details that normally no one sees.

I know this photo is really bright! But if you look at the very tiny face. I used a bright green on the eyes.

Bird's eye view.
I hope you like this build. I had a good time building it for sure. I am going to have to make a decision between a custom resin version of a Dom, or the God Gundam. I don't have all my tools for working plastic right now, so I think I may do another 1/144 resin kit. I have all the tools needed to working on those.

As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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