Aug 25, 2012

Kotobukiya, Mirage C03-Helios Victoria Ver.

My first ever Kotobukiya kit, and I must say for a 2009 kit I am let down by the MASSIVE amount of seam lines in this kit. They are every where! I have completed the snap build and I was about to walk out the the parking lot (I am stuck in a hotel at the moment) when I took another look at the kit and remembered I still have hours of seam line removal to do. Exciting I know.

 But enough complaining about work its nothing I haven't had to do before. For my first Kotobukiya kit I have to say its an easy build overall, a lot of little details on this one for sure. The metallic pieces are really nice and even after sanding they are still nicely colored. The lack of an internal frame is not missed due to details on the connecting pieces.

Simply put there are a lot of details, and they are nicely done once I get them sanded down to hide the seams. I do not intend to do any additional scribing, the shape of this kit is really not suitable for more. It would just add clutter. So Back to seamline removal. Enjoy the pictures.

Well enjoy what it looks like now. It wont look that way much longer. Hopefully I can successfully hand paint this guy!
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.

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