Sep 5, 2012

MSA-0011[BST] Gundam WIP2

This update is a long over due one I suppose, but you will have to forgive me as I have been side tracked by Space Marines and the like for a few months now. So I give you WIP 2 for my Resin Booster Gundam. A few pictures from the work I had already completed so you can remember what I had done. I have not completed any of the final detail work, still working out the pinning and all that. See below and enjoy.
Below: The intention of this photo is to show you the fill in work I had to do so far on the shoulder.

To get the head to sit right, I took some Pla-plate and stacked and cut then. I added in some putty to clean up the lines and gaps, I still need to sand it all smooth though.
Beyond checking out my use of sticky tack to keep pieces in place, you can also see where I had to add pal-plates to the chest to fill in gaps.
This is one of the upper booster units completely pinned, just need to do some scribe work to it.

Here is something I am still debating. The gap that is created, I am not sure it I like it or not. If I have to fill it. That will mean a lot of putty work and glue followed by an obscene amount of masking(not that this thing isn't already going to use 2-3 rolls.
You can better see where the gaps are in this super bright picture.
Well, I am off to super glue my fingers together some more.
As always thank you for stopping by. T.G.


  1. wow!! your doing the ''BIG ONE'' eh..Good luck on your resin project bro!!

  2. Yeah this one is big, but a lot of fun and super challenging. Plus I still have to SB a base....I am not how do you say....a scratch builder of any sort.