Sep 12, 2012

MSA-0011 [BST] Gundam WIP3

Where to start with what is becoming one of my favorite builds so far. And one of my most challenging as well. I suppose a little preview of the size of this thing. I used my arm for you first; you can see the gun and the fuel tank in this picture. To give you a literal measurement I took a picture with a 6"/15cm ruler. Needless to say when this build is done this Gundam will cover almost 2 feet from tail to tip of the gun.

One of the challenges I have had to face has been filling gaps in that if I just laid putty down I would have to wait a week for it all to dry completely. So I have been using Pla-plate and layering that. Here you can see my work to fill the lower chest sections. I could just sand it, but if I sand too much I will have to fix the fit of a ton of other pieces and it would make everything disproportionate.
A side view to show you the pre-clean up difference in height.
And now for fun a quick kind of "snap together" viewing.
The head is super aggressive on this guy. Even setting straight up it looks super well aggressive.
I don't know if I took a lot of pictures of the pre-clean up section of the upper chest. I took what was very smooth and well boring, and upgraded it. A lot more little details to increase visual interest.

Here is a view of the back, most of this will never be seen as the fuel tanks and back pack will cover all this up.
This photo is of the back with the fuel tank and booster packs attached.
The booster on the right is not completed in this picture.
This is what it looks like from the front.
And the lower boosters, the boosters are too heavy for me to get them to stay in place with out me holding them right now.

And this weeks accomplishment...completion of how I am going to put this guy on a base...I skipped a lot of the scratch building I am horrible at in favor of a skill I am good at...cutting and pasting. I modified a standard bases mount to meet the needs of this kit. Here you can see the after affects of clean up and pal-plating.
A fit test. I am using 5 1.8mm rods to hold this thing tightly.
And here you can see the pins partially inserted.
Its a clean look and well hidden with the boosters attached.
Fuel tanks....thats a lot of gas.
And the lower boosters with out the actual boosters attached they fall off a lot. and I normally don't leave them on so I am going to continue that trend of laziness.
Thats what I have so far.
As always thanks for stopping by. T.G.

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