Sep 19, 2012

MSA-0011[BST] Gundam WIP 5

This will be one of the last updates for a little while, as I drive back across the country boring.

Any ways; I have completed detailing the lower two boosters, and one of the upper boosters, I did them a little differently to add to the detail and eye appeal of this beast. I even managed to hang the fuel tanks and boosters for a picture...the arm will obviously not hang that low, but I didn't want to touch this thing as its not very well balanced and things aren't glued in place.

You can see how the gun is going to sit on an angle in towards the body. At this point I have done all I can to get it to sit upright. The way the armor and the small clearance between the body and the arm make it a huge challenge for sure. I will take a closer picture later when I am done adding all the reinforcing rods, but the gun makes this arm very unstable and heavy. I had to use a really long pin in the hand, and add a pin to the back of the forearm to secure the weight and position of the gun. 
Here's a glimpse at what it will look like with both boosters attached. 
and the final alignment of the upper boosters. 
This is a picture of the now dry primer....I am not happy at all with this brand, so I searched out and found a case of the Krylon primer, but I have to sand all of this before I can use it. 
Now for some details on the upper boosters.

I didn't go insane on the details, at least in my opinion. But I did make it so those fuel stacks or what ever they are have some cabling to add something other than blank weakly detailed areas. 

Until the next update: thank you for stopping by T.G. 

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